Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well, I officially have 28 days left in Mohlarekoma.  I topped up my internet data today and will do my best to make a short post every day until I leave the village on 14 Feb to supplement my dropping of the proverbial ball on the blog front these past two years. At least, that is my hope!

I returned home from the Limpopo Women’s Health Retreat that I co-ran with my friend and fellow PCV Doreh, and can say that the endeavor was a complete success.  Thank you once again to all of you who took the time to inquire and for the donations that made everything possible for the women who attended.  They were blown away by their accommodation, complete with a swimming pool and trampoline (!!!) and after the four days had passed, were begging us to extend the retreat.

Some of our lovely ladies from Sekhukhune and Venda, with myself, Doreh, and Sheila from CANSA
The next couple of weeks will undoubtedly fly by, and in anticipation of this phenomenon I am all but literally attached to the crisp, new, 2014 pocket agenda that Mom sent to me in what I can only assume was the last parcel I’ll be receiving here at the trusty Nebo Post Office.  My current goals include working with our new Social Media/Online Manager to build a simple website for Mohlarekoma Home-Based Care, and closing up projects like the “BIG’s & little’s” Peer Mentorship Program at Mmeshi Primary (Thank you to Grandma and Lisa Ellenberg once again for your generous shipments of books!) and teaching the grade 6-7 Social Sciences teacher, Mr. Mahlanya how to incorporate Mmeshi’s new World Map into his curriculum.

Until tomorrow,

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