Monday, November 5, 2012

Food For Thought and Rattled Nerves

I wanted to post this article that's been circulating the Facebook news feeds of PCSA for the past couple of days.  It's not entirely short, but I found it simple, brilliant, honest, and inspiring as one who is currently wading through the dredges of this feeling of "Peace Corps guilt".

Enjoy, and let me know what you think :)

In other news, it’s ELECTION DAY and I cannot wait for this all-nighter of fun, anticipation, and well, anything else that will help calm our jittery PCV nerves.  Baking? Jello? Midnight fun-run? Only time will tell, as it will tell whether or not I extend my service here for the next four years.  Sorry Mittens.


P.S. I've attached some preliminary xmas photos for kicks and giggles and to celebrate Lilly Fine's FIRST EVER Santa hat.  L'chaim and happy holidays in advance from Limpopo!

From Left: Lilly, Susan B., Alyssa

Notice the "Oregonians For Obama-Biden OR BUST!!" button. Thank you Aunt Sarah!! xo