Sunday, January 19, 2014


Happy MLK Day everyone! As the Peace Corps office is closed in observation of this American Holiday, I am going to keep plugging away on finalizing my VAST grant, work on my Description Of Service, and get some things printed out in town.  The sun is back out and shining away today, and a morning jog has helped kick things off to a good start. I must remember to keep doing this!

Sifting through items on my laptop yesterday, I came upon this jewel that was snapped in Machipe last March when Mom and Gil came to visit:
I am grateful everyday for the love and endless support of these two, and how without them I would surely not be where I am today.  My host families (in Mohlarekoma and Machipe) still ask about them and wonder when they are coming back to visit and will they be bringing sweets/Pendleton Whiskey with them? Shame. So precious!

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