Friday, January 24, 2014


Today I caught a lift to Phokwane with my host Uncle, Kwapeng and, after finishing up reporting the M&E data from our Retreat, went and bought a big bin for the children’s books I will be leaving with Mmeshi Primary School so that they can continue the ‘BIGs and littles’ Peer Mentorship Program in my absence. Either that or use them as the teachers see fit. Which, preferably will include them being read by learners. Here’s to hoping!

Good news as well: It’s looking like Mohlarekoma Home Based Care will be getting another PCV in March! This is very exciting, and I hope that whichever lucky SA29 who is placed here will do the best they can to help make the organization stronger, and will love and cherish their site as much as I’ve grown to.  Though I have no idea who this replacement will be, I hope to get in touch with them when I am smartphone-enabled back in the States so that I can help them out however I can and keep up with happenings in my host family. I also hope that they enjoy the copious glow in the dark stars that adorn the walls of their new home :)

Life keeps on moving forward!

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