Tuesday, February 11, 2014


On Friday, I got up, went for a jog, then trekked to the office around 9:30.  When I got there, we had tea, then I accompanied Fency down the road to the salon so that she could get her hair touched up.  While she was in the chair, I got speaking with Rachel, one of the Ghanean women who works there and we decided that, while waiting for Fency, I’d get a manicure.  Long story and R80 (abt $7.50) later, I had neon pink and purple, metallic talons extending a good centimeter and a half off of my fingertips.  It was fabulous, and Fency almost died laughing.   

We booked it back to the office, and I found that the whole trip to the salon had been a clever diversion to get me out so that Lucy and the Caregivers could prepare a little farewell ceremony for me! We entered into the office and were greeted with song and dance, and I was promptly shoved into a chair of honor next to the snack table.  There were crisps, Simba, marshmallows, cold drink, and a chocolate cake that was coated with chopped peanuts.  “We know you love peanuts TOO MUCH, Pebetse!”, they said laughing.  It seems after two-years here, they really do know me!  Delicious.  We sang and danced all afternoon, and they gave me a Mandela tuku, a plastic rosary, and traditional shoes made out of recycled plastic bags by a women’s co-op Mano a Basadi down the road.

On Saturday, I woke up early and went with Kwapeng to Jane Furse to buy meat for the farewell braai that we were having with the family that day.  Pebetse, Manku, and her mother Renet were driving up from Bronkhorstspruit, and I decided to make Bolognese sauce for everyone to go with the braai meat and pap.  Yummm.  The night was wonderful.  I’m going to miss everyo
ne more than I can express.


 I spent early Sunday morning with my family, then said goodbye and went to Jane Furse to meet up with Ariana for lunch at Galito’s.  After lunch we walked up to the new Crossing Complex and met Colin at Mr. Price, where he was buying the first non-color blocking item of clothing I think I’ve ever seen him with.  Kudos to you, Nare!  After that, he took us to see the Leap School where he is now working and then over to his new house, whose architecture is so 50’s angular it reminds me of something out of an M.C. Etcher painting.  Awesome.

Today is Monday, and marks Day 5 until I leave Mohlarekoma.  In a moment here, I’m going to assembly at Mmeshi to tell the kids in one fell swoop that I’m going to be leaving, and never coming back.  Then I’ll go to Makwe and do the same. 


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