Monday, February 3, 2014


Apologies for the radio silence these past few days! On Friday I traveled down to Machipe to spend one final visit with my host family from PST.  It was glorious.  Everyone is doing well, and I’m amazed every time at how fast the kids are growing up! I’ve decided it is not allowed, but alas, my divine powers are not yet honed enough to keep them small forever. 

 Sello assisted me in killing my first chicken, and giggled along with my squeals as I timidly slashed the poor bird’s head off.  I’d have made a horrid executioner.
Monday morning rolled around and I was forced to leave the humid heat of my favorite village (sorry Mohlarekoma!) and come home where, thankfully, it was cool and breezy, which was a welcome relief. 

I’d talk about the goodbyes, but I’m not sure I can handle thinking about it yet. Not about the fact that I hope that everyone stays well, or about the fact that I’ll never see Gogo again. Nor about how much I hope that all of my little loves grow up big and strong and grounded enough to realize what’s important and make it out of the village and into adult lives that truly make them happy.  Nor about the fact that our communication will inevitably slow to a trickle as our worlds separate and the memories of the time we spent together become more and more distant.  I do hope I see them again: Ashma, Sello, Tebogo, Nthathile, Angie, and Jami, but I know it won’t be for a long, long time.

     And so the world spins on...

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